Follmer's Specialties manufactures custom pewter awards and pieces for employee and customer appreciation; and, to acknowledge special events. Whatever achievement you want to celebrate or event you wish to commemorate, Follmer's Specialties can meet your needs with custom, handmade pewter sculptures and models.

In addition to being available in the satin silver of pewter, our custom pieces can be plated in gold, nickel and brass. We also offer resin casting for larger pieces for the cost-conscious consumer.

From a design idea or concept to an award, trophy or commemorative piece of the highest quality, Follmer's Specialties takes ideas and creates finished pieces out of them.

Expedient service and low product minimums are a part of our service standard. Our turn-around times are among the best in the industry. We want our customers to be able to purchase what they want at the quantity they need and for the order to be in hand for the event being celebrated without stressful, last minute deliveries.

Follmer's Specialties creates custom pewter casting, handmade to meet your needs with a high quality pewter.