Mike Follmer Specialties  custom domed labels and decals give your product a classic, high-end look.  Your products will be greatly enhanced with our 3-D urethane domed decals, helping your company to stand apart, be recognized and remembered.  Printed on a variety of materials with selected adhesives for your application, ensure that your labels are truly custom made.

    • approved for both indoor and outdoor use
    • weather and chemical resistant
    • made with an automotive grade, non-yellowing compound
    • custom designed and produced for each client
    • a great product for durable brand and product identification

    Domed stickers, decals or labels are used as tags for appliances, electronic instruments, computers, peripherals, industrial equipment and anytime your need to distinguish your product.

    The custom domed decals created by Mike Follmer Specialties  For Industry are coated with a two-part urethane that is applied over the printed image using dispensing equipment that has been specially engineered for this purpose.The end result from this compound is a 3-D domed label that has the unique ability to heal itself if it gets scratched or indented. Our domed labels are an excellent, long-lasting choice to use as a means of brand and product identification on your products.