Comes standard with a custom flag, pole set, nylon carrying case, and ground stake attachment for installation in soft ground such as grass or dirt areas.
• Dye-sublimation full color printed on durable 100% polyester fabric with a brilliant color finish.
• Single or double-sided options are available. Single-sided flags have a +95% saturated mirror image on the reverse side.
• Available in three of the most popular styles: Teardrop Flag, Feather Flag, and Feather Angled Flag.
• Available in three eye-catching sizes:

SMALL (9 ft.): 2.8 ft. x 7.8 ft. flies 9 ft. off the ground
MEDIUM (12 ft.): 2.8 ft. x 10.4 ft. flies 12 ft off the ground
LARGE (15 ft.): 2.8 ft. x 13.5 ft. flies 15 ft. off the ground

• Specially designed to stay open, remain taut, and most importantly, last.
• Additional Cross Base and/or Square Base and a Donut Water Weight Bag for displaying on concrete or other hard surfaces.
• A Black flag trim is sewn on the pole edge of the flag graphic making a pocket for pole insertion.
• A set of grommets are installed on the bottom of the trim in which the short bungee cord (included) can loop through and snugly attach the flag to the base.

There is no doubt Mike Follmer Specialties has the finest quality feather flags and banners in the United States of America! With our full color, high-quality dye-sublimation printing process, your custom feather flag or banner will be the perfect, simple, outdoor or indoor signage solution for drawing the maximum attention to your business, product, or promotion – your flag or banner will be second-to-none in construction, quality and eye-popping appearance!

The flag or banner is made from a 4 oz. – 100% polyester material which is weather resistant and extremely durable, making it perfect for using outdoors. The brilliant inks used in our dye-sublimation printing process extend from edge-to-edge giving your flag or banner maximum impact! The design of both flags and banners is customized to your exact graphic and colors and our inks heavily saturate through the material (+95% saturation) creating a “bleed-through” resulting in a mirror-image of your print on the back side of the flag or banner.

Double-sided Feather Flags are printed on two separate single-sided flags and sewn together back-to-back with a block out layer between. Double-sided flags show the same image on the front and back of the flag without a mirror image. Our single-sided flags will last longer because of their lighter weight and ability to fly better in the wind than the heavier double-sided flags, drawing more attention to your business, product or promotion.